Idea Exchange Listing

Vision Coalition Conference Idea Exchange Listing


Early Learning:


Building and Supporting the Early Learning Workforce

How can Delaware build a profession for and support the early learning workforce?

Ariel Ford, Education Associate, Office of Early Learning


Engaging with Local Readiness Teams

How can we engage Delawareans in the work of their local Readiness Teams?

Dawn Alexander, Preschool Expansion Coordinator, Colonial School District


Strengthening Families Through Supports

How can communities provide concrete support to strengthen families?

Niagia Williams, Program Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse Delaware


Reading by Third Grade

How can we support all children to read by third grade?

Teri Quinn Gray, President, Delaware State Board of Education


Addressing Social-Emotional Needs

How can we equip home visiting and classroom educators with tools to support social emotional concerns in early childhood education?

Dionne Patterson, Assistant Program Manager and Early Childhood Education Trainer, Parents as Teachers


Transitioning to Kindergarten

How can we better support families and students as they transition from preschool to kindergarten?

Caitlin Gleason, Education Associate, Alignment and Professional Development, Office of Early Learning


Personalized Learning:


Integrating Health and Academics

How does health factor into a student’s performance in school—and what can be done to promote student health in schools?
Kelli O.  Thompson, Director, Department of Operations and Support, Nemours Children’s Health System


Supporting Homeless and Foster Care Youth

How can we holistically engage and support homeless youth and youth in foster care?

Chief Judge Chandlee Kuhn (Ret.), Cooch and Taylor P.A.; National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges


Empowering Youth through Collective Impact

How can the asset framework serve as a statewide collective impact model for supporting youth?

Tynetta Brown, Associate Director, United Way of Delaware


Exploring Assistive Technology

How does technology and assistive technology help all students, including those with learning challenges, to succeed?

Beth Mineo, Director, Center for Disabilities Studies and Associate Professor, University of Delaware


Developing Growth Mindset through Gaming

How do gamification and computer coding support students in the development of a growth mindset?

Michele Johnson, Library and Gifted and Talented Teacher, Towne Point Elementary School


Transforming the Student Experience

How can we develop personalized, student-centered learning environments at the elementary level?

Doug Timm, Principal, Carrie Downie Elementary School


Investing in Technology Infrastructure

How can we support personalized learning with proper infrastructure investments across the state?

Patches                Hill, Technology Systems Manager, Indian River School District


Designing Schools of the Future

How can we build the schools of the future to enrich student ownership of learning?

Martin Rayala and Dr. Cristina Alvarez, Design-Lab Schools


Integrating Arts and Academics

How can we integrate arts and academics to develop creative critical thinkers?

Kim Graham, Director of Education, Christina Cultural Arts Center


Integrating Supports for Students

How can we design a new system for 21st century learning that holistically supports all students?

Paul Reville, Harvard Graduate School of Education


Reimagining Learning through Technology

How can we close equity gaps through personalized learning and innovative uses of technology?

Richard Culatta, Chief Innovation Officer, State of Rhode Island


Postsecondary Success:


Increasing Career Exploration Opportunities

How can we provide more career awareness and exploration opportunities for students?

Dana Beckton, Director, Diversity and Inclusion,                Christiana Care Health System


Preparing Students for College and Career

How can we prepare students with knowledge and skills that will provide them with options after high school?

Lisa Stoner-Torbert, Policy Advisor, Career and Technical Education, Delaware Department of Education


Connecting Education and Business

How can stakeholders work together to develop curriculum that gives students a competitive edge in pursuing a career?

Paul Morris, Assistant Vice President for Workforce Development, Delaware Technical Community College

Engaging Students Through Counseling Supports

How can we increase in-person and technology-enhanced counseling supports to engage students at an early age?

Kelly Sherretz, Associate Policy Scientist and Assistant Director, UD Partnership for Public Education


Planning Education to Support Career Goals

How can we help students and parents more effectively plan for education to support career goals?

Shana Payne, Director, Higher Education Office, Delaware Department of Education


Increasing College Access

How can we increase college access for all students?

Jodi DaCosta, Elementary School Counselor, Harlan Elementary School, and Dr. Jason James, Adjunct Faculty and Doctoral Studies Field and Dissertation Advisor, Wilmington University


Educator Support and Development


Preparing Teacher Candidates

How can we prepare teacher candidates to meet the needs of students in Delaware schools?

Laura Glass, Director, Delaware Center for Teacher Education, University of Delaware


Aligning Teacher Supply With School Needs

How can we ensure a supply of teachers aligned with the needs of Delaware schools?

John Pelesko, Associate Dean, University of Delaware


Preparing and Supporting Principal Candidates

How can we prepare and build the capacity of principals to lead long-term sustainable change in high-needs schools?

Julie Giangiulio, Principal, East Dover Elementary School


Ensuring Equitable Access to Excellent Educators

How can we ensure all students, particularly those in high-needs schools, have access to excellent educators?

Angeline Rivello, Associate Secretary, Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Branch, Delaware Department of Education


Advancing Teacher Leadership

How can we provide accomplished teachers opportunities to advance professionally without leaving the classroom?

Jesse Parsley, Assistant Principal, Milford High School


Supporting and Developing Principals

How can we differentiate support for school principals through feedback and coaching?

Peter Leida, Director of Elementary Schools, Colonial School District


Collaborating on Digital Student Resources

How can teachers collaborate to create digital resources that any student in Delaware can access?

Tim Brewer, Instructional Technology Coach, New Castle County Vocational School District