What do Delawareans Think is Working, Needs Improvement in Public Schools?

Survey takes pulse on public education system of today and tomorrow

What should a Delaware student know and be able to do in the year 2035? How are our public schools performing today? According to a survey of hundreds of Delawareans, skills such as conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and resilience will be important for future students and citizens–while the schools of today should be applauded for advancing technology for learning.

The Vision Coalition, the public-private partnership responsible for publishing 10-year policy roadmaps for public education in Delaware—including Vision 2015 and Student Success 2025—conducted the survey in fall 2023. Students, parents, educators, and community members gave insights into how Delaware schools are performing today, progress made in recent years, and what schools should prioritize in the near future.

Check out the full news release here, and check out the full survey results here.