Student Success 2025

Calling for Change

An education that prepares every Delaware child for success in 2025. Today’s students will enter a world after high school that is increasingly interconnected and complex. The next generation of adults will face new challenges in the global economy, including significant advancements in technology and increased global competition. With a job market no longer confined to our nation’s borders, Delaware students must compete for jobs against their peers from around the world.

To truly succeed in the future, students will need more than just core academic knowledge–the shared standard academics that every students must have as a foundation, including English language arts, math, social studies, science, the arts, and world languages. School can no longer be defined by the four walls of a classroom. To tackle tomorrow’s problems and excel in the jobs of the future, students will need skills and attributes like creativity, flexibility, and curiosity.

Student Success 2025 imagines a landscape where equitable opportunities meet the needs of these students and where lifelong learners are equipped to adapt to changing times. The goal is for all Delaware students to thrive, accomplish more, and take advantage of expanded opportunities aligned with their unique skills, interests, and abilities. This includes providing support needed for all students to succeed, including students who are homeless, living in foster care, hungry, neglected, physically disabled, cognitively challenged, or learning English. Every child in Delaware–regardless of zip code, economic means, or style and pace of learning–deserves to have options for his or her future and to be ready for whatever tomorrow holds.

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Public Collaboration

The Vision Coalition of Delaware collaborated with 4,000 Delawareans, including 1,300 students and recent graduates, to create the Student Success 2025 plan.

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North Star

The North Star guides our journey on the path to excellence. It shows what students need to know, be, and do to live a lifetime of success. It serves as the beacon for our vision to improve public schools for every Delaware student.

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Measuring Success

Looking at where we are today, the coalition set goals to measure success leading up to 2025.

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Student Stories

David, age 13

I think our schools are working for a majority of people, but some kids need the extra push. Challenge them more. They need higher expectations.

Alan, age 10

I have way more trouble learning if the teacher lectures. I learn way better if I actually interact with the lesson.

Donna, age 8

Unity is when you work together.