Leadership Team

Shelly Cecchett

Shelly Cecchett

Shelly Cecchett assumed the role of executive director at the now Kent Sussex Leadership Alliance in 2008, showcasing her enduring commitment to community development. With over 30 years of experience, she has served on various boards and committees, prioritizing service to lower Delaware.

In 2023, Shelly worked with the leadership to expand Greater Kent Committee into the Kent Sussex Leadership Alliance, signaling a strategic move toward broader regional impact. Alongside this expansion, she actively engages in political initiatives, focusing on critical areas such as workforce development, permitting, child care, housing, and issues impacting the business community. She is committed to fostering an environment that encourages our young people to stay or return to Delaware.

Believing in the strength of collaboration, Shelly emphasizes working collectively to amplify the impact of the message and foster stronger partnerships. Her leadership extends beyond organizational boundaries, reaching into policy advocacy, demonstrating a dedication to positive change, and addressing the needs of the Kent-Sussex community.