The Future of Education: A Virtual Conversation with Andreas Schleicher


October 31, 2023


10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.



Join this virtual discussion on the future of education with renowned expert Andreas Schleicher to learn: 

  • How is education evolving around the world and in our neighborhoods? 
  • What are the potential disruptors and trends to consider?   
  • How does the U.S. measures up in key areas like early childhood, teachers, public funding, and postsecondary education? 
  • What can the U.S. build on and learn from internationally?  


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In 2015, Delawareans teamed up with local, national and international experts—including Andreas Schleicher—to develop 10-year plan for Delaware public education: Student Success 2025. As we approach 2025, The Vision Coalition of Delaware celebrates the progress made and is looking to the future of education in Delaware. Be a part of the process: take the public survey and register to join this discussion.  

Check out the OECD’s Education at a Glance 2023! 

Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Andreas Schleicher is the director for education and skills, and special advisor on education policy to the secretary-general at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. He has worked for over 20 years with ministers and education leaders around the world to improve quality and equity in education.
Paul Herdman, President and CEO at Rodel
Paul Herdman Ed.D. is the President and CEO of Rodel, a nonprofit that strengthens Delaware’s public education system and workforce by connecting partners to advance and implement sustainable solutions. Paul has served as an educator, consultant, and policy advisor. He is a member of the Vision Coalition Leadership Team, and he served as a leader on loan to the OECD in 2023 focused on the first global study of student career pathways. 
Bettina Tweardy Riveros, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Chief Health Equity Officer, ChristianaCare, Vision Coalition Leadership Team
Bettina Tweardy Riveros, is responsible for leading health policy and engaging community stakeholders in partnerships to advance ChristianaCare’s strategy, mission and commitment to achieve health equity and advance population health. Riveros leads work to improve the health of every person in every community ChristianaCare serves by advancing an integrated social care framework, ensuring culturally and linguistically appropriate care, addressing disparities and advocating for policies to achieve health equity. As senior vice president for government affairs and community engagement, Riveros is responsible for identifying and addressing legal, regulatory, policy and relationship issues to advance ChristianaCare’s strategic objectives, with particular focus on legislative policy development, innovative population health and information technology solutions, health care reform and business development efforts. Riveros joined ChristianaCare in January 2016. She serves as co-chair on the ChristianaCare Community Engagement and Advisory Council, on the Board of REACH Riverside, and as co-chair of the REACH Health, Wellness and Safety Committee. Additionally, Riveros serves as vice chair on the Board of Directors for Serviam Girls Academy; on the Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee Steering Committee; and on the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors and Annual Dinner Committee. Prior to joining ChristianaCare, Riveros served as senior adviser for health policy in the office of Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and as chair of the Delaware Health Care Commission. Among her many accomplishments, she was responsible for developing the strategy to implement the Affordable Care Act in Delaware, including the Health Insurance Exchange partnership model and Medicaid expansion that expanded access to health care for thousands of Delawareans; and for leading the development of the State Innovation Model to support Delaware’s transition to new health care delivery and payment models and an increased focus on population health. Riveros was a founding member of the Delaware Center for Health Innovation and served on the DHIN Board and Delaware Health Resource Board. Riveros received her law degree from Villanova University in 1988 and her undergraduate degree from Juniata College in 1985.