September 2017 Newsletter

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the vision coalition of Delaware’s


Monday, October 30
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall
Newark, Delaware

The Vision Coalition of Delaware’s 10th Annual Conference, Strengthening Partnerships in Health and Education: Delaware and the Nation, will launch the University of Delaware’s Partnership for Healthy Communities and bring together community members, educators, and policymakers to explore the intersection of education and health.

The 10th Annual Conference is expected to sell out.
Be sure to register early!

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Idea Exchanges are back! These small group, informal conversations bring community members together to explore a topic of their choice in health and education. Including:

  • Building Effective Family-School Partnerships
  • Crossing Organizational Boundaries to Strengthen Education
  • Housing as a Determinant of Health
  • Self-care Strategies for Building Resilience
  • Valuing Student Diversity through Cultural Competence
  • and more! Visit our website to see the full list.

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Red Clay to begin work on racial equity plan in October



News From the leadership team

We thank Dr. Dan Rich and H. Raye Jones Avery for their service to the coalition. Both were founding members of the Leadership Team, involved since before the development of Vision 2015 in 2005.

We appreciate their contributions to Student Success 2025, and their dedication to helping prepare Delaware students for a lifetime of success.

Dan’s commitment to strengthening public education spans decades. We are grateful for his ability to encourage collaboration, find areas of agreement, and propel efforts for impact.

He helped transform the lives of countless Delaware families, especially in the areas of early learning and in the City of Wilmington—all with humility and courage.

Raye’s fierce dedication to Delaware students will be missed. Her experience and direct contact with students—through her work in the community arts and the founding of Kuumba Academy Charter School—provided enormous contributions to the Vision Coalition.

Her commitment to equity, thoughtful solutions, and truth continue to be model for us all.

Two Vision Coalition Leadership Team members were named to the list of Most Intriguing Delawareans by Delaware Today.


Dr. Susan Bunting
Delaware Secretary of Education
In best serving the diverse needs of Delaware’s 136,000 students, Secretary of Education Susan Bunting, 69, faces state budget woes and a White House that wants to massively rethink federal mandates and funding. Read more.


Ernest J. Dianastasis
CEO, The Precisionists, Inc.
The Precisionists office is on the first floor of a Concord Pike Building, near a bus stop. The lighting is carefully chosen, and the hangout room boasts comfortable seating. It looks like a startup, which it is.

It’s also a B-corporation, a for-profit entity driven by a social mission, creating administrative and tech jobs—first for the autistic, then disabled veterans, the hearing impaired and the visually impaired. Read more.